Trofie al Pesto


Trofie al pesto are a typical Ligurian dish, which in the scent of the sauce releases all the aroma of the regional aromatic herb par excellence, basil, and in the chewable pasta shape it summarizes centuries of Ligurian home traditions.
Apparently a simple dish, yet you have to pay attention to the various steps. In order to prepare trofie with pesto in a workmanlike manner, it is important to follow the right advice.
And above all remember that for a better pesto you need to prefer Genoese basil DOP, national pine nuts, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil.

  • Trofie
  • Aglio Rosa
  • Basilico
  • Fagiolini
  • Patata
  • Parmigiano
  • Pecorino
  • Sale
  • Olio
  • Pinoli

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