Risotto al Radicchio Rosso di Verona e Formaggio Monte Veronese D.O.P.



Risotto with radicchio and Monte Veronese cheese is a typical dish in Verona (Italy). If you want to prepare this tasty recipe you have to follow some procedures that allow you to obtain an excellent result. It’s important to select raw materials and combine them perfectly to avoid one of the ingredients overwhelming the other.

  • Vialone Nano
  • Formaggio Monte Veronese
  • Radicchio di Verona
  • Vino Rosso
  • Brodo Vegetale
  • Scalogno
  • Olio EVO
  • Burro
  • Sale

With this project we want to focus on food in a different way. Food become the protagonist, as a piece of art in a museum.
The raw material is on the border between reality of its common use and its conceptual value of visual object that has sublime and unique shape and color.

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