Ribollita is a typical poor dish in Tuscany common among the peasants during the Middle Ages.
Farmers used to boil the ingredients (leftover bread and vegetables) several times  to make them softer.
It’s a typical winter dish, full of nourishment and very tasty.

  • Fagioli Secchi Cannellini
  • Cavolo Nero
  • Cavolo Verza
  • Bietola
  • Patate
  • Cipolle
  • Carote
  • Coste di Sedano
  • Pomodori
  • Pane Raffermo
  • Olio EVO
  • Sale & Pepe

With this project we want to focus on food in a different way. Food become the protagonist, as a piece of art in a museum.
The raw material is on the border between reality of its common use and its conceptual value of visual object that has sublime and unique shape and color.

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