We all know the Ribollita as a recovery dish par excellence of the Tuscan culinary tradition. The origins of this dish date back to the Middle Ages when the nobles used to consume their dishes in breads called “mense”. Once the lunch was finished, the leftover bread was given to the servants, who to feed themselves combined it with their poor vegetables and boiled it, obtaining a substantial and tasty soup, a true ancestor of the ribollita! Even today this recipe is part of home cooking, known and appreciated in different variations in the same region that express family traditions or local customs.

  • Fagioli Secchi Cannellini
  • Cavolo Nero
  • Cavolo Verza
  • Bietola
  • Patate
  • Cipolle
  • Carote
  • Coste di Sedano
  • Pomodori
  • Pane Raffermo
  • Olio EVO
  • Sale & Pepe

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